Mine Machinery is a business dedicated to the reliable and expert servicing and maintenance of most mine-related vehicles and equipment. With decades of dealership-knowledge and “in-mine” experience behind us, Mine Machinery is able to offer quality servicing that most other companies can not.

We have designed and implemented preventive maintenance programs, relocated and commissioned drills and fleets of trucks, performed extensive amounts of detailed equipment inspections and serviced mining business’ around the world.

Mine Machinery is able to provide solutions, training, and consulting services to mining business’ throughout the U.S. and globally.

Please contact one of our prinicipals to discuss how Mine Machinery can help your mining business stay up and running and profitable all year round.


Our expertise and proven track record have opened up many international opportunities for Mine Machinery, including this one in Zambia, Africa.

For information on how Mine Machinery can be your service and maintainence partner, please contact us today.

Chris Damron / Owner
520-405-6124 cell
520-904-2332 office
520-744-9691 fax cdamron@minemachinery.com

Dale Allison / Owner
520-221-0931 cell
520-904-2332 office
520-744-9691 fax dallison@minemachinery.com


We can expertly service and maintain virtually any mine vehicle or equipment, with our specialty being haul trucks and drills.

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